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Chat Robotics
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Capabilities Services

Chat Robotics. What's that?

Key Benefits

bulletFully automated administration, greeting, exchange of information in chat areas.
bulletSaves time, labor, and increases traffic.
bulletFrom formal to humorous, the bot can log into your chat area and inform with a personality and entertainment.


From a simple bot that greets people as they enter a staged Auditorium chat informing them of whatever you wish. Details, Hosts, Rules for the area... To a complex bot that gives out links to other areas of your sites, auto mutes or boots problem chatters, we have chatbots that can pour just about every cyber drink, while joking with the customers on your site.

Auto Greet and Meet chatbots
Very useful in large events and specialty hosted chats. This bot will private message your visitors as they log in, giving them the particulars for tonight's topics. 
Stop by and meet one of our bots NannyB http://NannyB.com
Robo Chat Patrol
This chatbot can be programmed to invisibly admin and watch the rooms, it can be set to notify all Admins on line when a certain person or IP logs in. We have built one that while invisible private messaged and followed the "problem chatter" from room to room.  
Site personality humorous chatbots
Need someone that can work your site 24/7 greeting meeting, and talking to people with a little dry humor or just information? We can custom build you a bot to do that and so much more!
Plus we can custom your chat filters
There are many ways to code a site. But you must have technically brought down to the level you need for your visitors. We or our team can bring to your site the advantage of the complex made in appearance, simple.

We have done Funny Filters for chat rooms that take a problem chatter cussing up a storm, and convert the display for the rest of the site visitors to what we call Funny Filters. IT WILL STOP THE RACIAL SLURS AND MANY OF THE FLAMES! So it comes out.

You big (poopy) head, I have a (wee one) that needs you to (tickle) it you (twitch) (CRUD) that isn't what I said Filter got ya lol!


Chatbotics Information Request Form

For quickest response use email (forms are only checked daily.) info@cormarc.com

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

I would like to know more!
Will you do a custom one for my area listed below? and how much?
Hurry got a chat tonight and need help with a (poopy) head kid! CALL ME!




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