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Capabilities Services

This is a brief description of our marketing services ...

Marketing Key Benefits

bulletSearch Engine Placement
bulletTailored to you audience.
bulletOne on one marketing without spamming!

Marketing Capabilities

Great site or new site and don't understand the way to bring traffic to it? We can help! Our contacts will provide audience for banner exchanges, key search work Meta tags, set you up with credible advertisers that will pay you when people enter their site through yours. We can design a program to bring in traffic, testimonial traffic, and much much more. We have moved sites from new to top of the search engines in weeks & months, not years!

Search Engines
Placement and monitoring of your search engines. Management of key word campaigns, monthly updates on our Meta Tags. (Your competition does it, so should you!)
Testimonial Marketing
You have a great site, but no one is there. Let us through a few part time people keep your name on the top of the list. When you are searching for a site, do you look at what they did a year ago? NO! Just at the last few days postings, URL's and leads. You must have an on going net presence to win the war on the web!
Banner Exchanges Advertising
So you have a site, but need some creditability and revenue? Let us help on both accounts. Earn you some revenue, while, enhancing your credibility!

Marketing Information Request Form

For quickest response use email (forms are only checked daily.) marketing@cormarc.com

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