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Capabilities Services

Key Benefits

bulletCustomizable from a simple site to a complex high end interactive site.
bulletSimple user interfaces to add pages using Front Page or new email accounts.
bulletThe ability to listen to your needs and max it with our resources, without tech-no babble!
bulletWith us, you are a name, a person, and a presence... and not a number on some server hosting thousands of sites!


We can design with cross compatibility. So instead of our web visitors on Netscape on a slow dial up getting a blank page, we can design your site around your site visitors. And track the compatibility and error issues the site needs to be designed to operate in.

Our stuff works! No blank pages! Custom Error Pages! No leaving the pages for non loading or slow loading! You can sign up today, load your site today! We can help you item by item to make your site work and work for you! cgi bin, Perl, My SQL Databases, Web email Interfaces, Front Page Extensions, and so much more! New Servers, updated with latest patches, security, backup connections, power, & support 24/7

HTML with dial and fast internet connections  in mind!
Built on years of internet experience
Interactive functions
We have background in the latest web technologies...
from email, newsletters/mass mailings, chat, chat robotics, discussion boards, and flash.
from a few megs of space to gigabytes, we can do it all!
from one email account to hundreds that you control.
bandwidth built to your needs
full site and tracking statistics.

Plan 1 $5 a month

(Personal or Small Business site your domain name or any sub-domain of ours! Note we can host sub domains as well.)

bulletYou get 5 megs of web space. Average pages are 20 kb, that should give you 250 hosted pages.
bulletYou get 5 emails.  (Plus catch all's and forwards)
bulletYou get 5 gigs of transfer.
bulletFront Page Extensions.


Plan 2 $10 a month

(Small Business or larger)

bulletYou get 200 megs of space.
bulletYou get 50 email accounts.  (Plus catch all's and forwards)
bulletYou get 10 gigs of transfers. That should handle half a million hits a month or more.
bulletFront Page Extensions.


Set up $25 plus the first month.

Payment through PayPal   to hosting@cormarc.com or payments@cormarc.com

If you pay the last 10 months of 2003, we waive the set up.

bulletWeb email Interface one time fee $20. Great for you when on the road to check, send, receive emails. {200 meg sites only. Interface uses around 15 megs}. (Other day, I had two printers go out, so I emailed the documents to myself, ran by the library for .15 cents a page.. printed them through the web interface for email. VERY handy feature.)
bulletSimple statistic page hits, free. Complex statistics are a one time fee of $20.This will track where your traffic is going, hits, files, and much much more! Simple web interface.
bulletName registration $25 new domain includes a year, and we can set it up in your own account.
bulletDNS Transfers, you can do it for free.
bulletPOINT TO NS1.EV1SERVERS.NET   NS2.EV1SERVERS.NET Or email us the log in info and we can do it for $25. DNS resolved twice daily.
bulletSub domains pointing to main domain $25 one-time fee.
bulletAliases $25 per calendar year per domain.
  1. Servers have redundant internet backbone, 15 meg/second connections, backup power for electrical outages.
  2. Set up today, FTP in today. DNS resolves at 2 PM and 11 PM Central time 7 days a week.
  3. 24/7 support. Including email, forums, chat, instant messenger.
  4. Extra web space $10 a month per 100 megs.  Extra Transfer $2.50 per gig / per month.

We reserve the right to refuse the hosting of any content we deem objectionable. We refuse, and close accounts doing anything illegal or unethical. Bandwidth limitations are subject to change with a 30 day notice. The above terms are for new accounts through March 1st, 2003.

All of the above are subject to our TOS. You may contact us at:

Phone: 214 206 1883

Fax: 928 752 5464


Easiest way is to pay us through PayPal.

Information Request

For quickest response use email


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